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Praying all manners of prayers...

We believe in the Almighty God who has given us the grace to pray and we believe our prayers will be answered when we pray. Therefore we pray for all things, situations, and people. When God answers our prayer, we give thanks. When God delays the answers to our prayers, we continue to pray until the answers come. When God does not answer, we trust Him and continue to rely on Him as we believe He knows what's best for us.


Whether answered or not, the overall essence of our prayers is to draw us closer to God.  


Therefore, our mission is to empower women to pray everyday and our vision is to empower women to become closer to God through prayers and studying the Bible.

Like inspirational quotes, but these are quotes from the generals in the Christian faith who have gone through similar situations we may face.

We provide beautifully designed bible verses to inspire praying at all times. These helps us to also memorize prayer verses in the bible and helps you to internalize the word of God. 

We provide prayer points based on the word of God for different situations. These prayers comes handy when we have a need for prayers for ourselves or for others. We can use these or refer others to them. 

Ever felt like  you are the worst of all sinners or God has abandoned you?  These are quotes that encourages you to power through your day or situation.

We are always working to add more to the resources we share and we welcome you to contact us if you require specific support to empower you to pray.

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