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Sussan, A

Having someone to share and pray with give me peace of mind during difficult times. I am so blessed by the ministry of Women Pray. I have been trough many troubles with my marriage but with the help of God and the support of this ministry, I am at peace.  Thank you for all your supports. God bless you.

Royin, F

I was new to Canada with no one and began to have issues in my home. With the help of this ministry, my family is closer to God and the stress from problems has reduced drastically. I see things from the perspective of God and Know that God is able to keep me strong. Thank you

Rlade, P 

I met Bola; the leader of this ministry when I became unexpectedly pregnant with my last baby and my then husband abandoned me. She introduced me to the ministry, prayed with me, and supported me with time and resources. I am eternally grateful to her and all other members of this ministry. Thank you!

Kelly, R

Just having someone to talk to is important to me. We pray, we share from the word of God and I become more confident to face life every time. I have great testimonies from trusting God through this ministry. Thank you for all you do. God bless you

Felicia, N

I was in a deep troubled state when this ministry came to my rescue. In the middle of a nasty divorce, I had lost my home and had no place to go or to keep my stuff. This ministry and its members supported me, prayed for and with me. They helped me move and now I am able to stand. Thank God for this ministry

Ramona, S

I cannot wait for the time of our monthly prayers. I know God answers prayers especially when praying with my sisters in the Lord. God bless you abundantly. Thank you.

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